In 2008, I had an idea for a story that would not let me go.

             Join me for a journey unlike any other . . . a  little romance, a little mystery, a little suspense, a little drama, a little action, a few political innuendos, and a whole lot of character development. This is a story with several heros and supporting characters. I wonder who you'll feel is the hero who stands above them all.

Goodbye Milky Way -

An Earth in Jeopardy Adventure 


     Encompassing my passion for science fiction, time travel and superhuman stories, Goodbye Milky Way revolves around a cast of characters who serendipitously come together to save the planet Earth from certain destruction. Goodbye Milky Way provides an interesting look at the intellectual process of puzzle solving and questions how things really work. Goodbye Milky Way combines many facets – action, adventure, time travel, kidnapping, love, expeditions, espionage, conflicts, extraterrestrials and gangsters--and, by the way, did you know that the way to the moon is via Ecuador?

     Plot Summary:

     When the Asian Tsunami hit on December 26, 2004, the damage

was greater than the deaths of 283,000 people. The underlying

earthquake caused something strange to happen to the planet Earth

and an ecological catastrophe appeared inevitable. Facing

unimaginable odds, and knowing they are unlikely to survive, an

eclectic team, comprised of distinguished scientists and engineers,

hatch a planthat tests advanced scientific theories, often disputed

under the best conditions. To avoid worldwide panic, their plan

must come together under the cover of secrecy while they grapple

for their lives, the lives of their loved ones and all the people of the

Earth. The team faces unprecedented hurdles in their quest to seek

necessary funding and encounter political cover-ups, extraterrestrial

beings, and the unexpected along their seven year journey. Failure

is not an option, but when the launch button is pressed in 2012 . . .

well, I guess you'll have to read the book.

    The Main Characters:

1. The Guardian – an extraterrestrial being from a highly advanced

civilization. He's been monitoring mankind’s development for ages and

reveals himself in an attempt to prevent an ecological catastrophe.

2. AIEDA – the most powerful computer ever built. Capable of

inductive reasoning on the order of Einstein, she thinks like a human

being and has adopted a female persona. Aieda develops a set of

theories governing gravity and space-time that go well beyond the

scope of scientifically established laws of nature.

3. Dr. Jonathan Walmer – brilliant mathematician who conceived and

built AIEDA (Artificial Intelligence Induction Engine Development


4. Tom Calvano – the lead troubleshooter and project manager,

and a staggeringly intelligent engineer and adventurer.

He leads a harrowing exploratory expedition to Antarctica.

     Needing to create a suitable name for the heroic team that

struggles to save the planet Earth, the author, Dan Makaon, looked to

the stars and contrived the name Star-Slayer Team.

     “I started out with the names of several constellations such as

Draco, Orion, Pegasus... and didn’t like them. I then went to Greek

letters like Alpha, Beta, Omega... and didn’t like them either. When

I began researching stars and star clusters, I stumbled upon Alpha

and Beta Delphini, a binary star system, and uncovered an interesting

story from"

     According to Wikipedia, in Palermo, Italy the astronomical

catalog shows Alpha Delphini is named Sualocin and Beta Delphini is

named Rotanev. The story goes that Niccolo Cacciatore discovered

Delphinus and named the two stars. It took many years for someone to

figure out that it was a joke of sorts because those weird names were

the Latin version of his first and last names spelled backwards.

     It is coincidental that Niccolo was a star hunter and his last

name means “hunter”. However, hunter has two meanings. It could mean

“seeker” as in star-seeker or it could mean killer as in star-killer.

In my novel, the team needed to destroy the anomaly or render it

harmless. Hence, I arrived at starslayer which is more poetic in that

it reminds me of the romantic dragon-slayers of folklore.”

     Italian:    Niccolo Cacciatore
     English:    Nicolas Hunter
     Latin:      Nicolaus Venator
     Stars:      Sualocin Rotanev