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          Pen Name:

               Dan Makaon


               B.S. Science,

                    U.S. Air Force Academy;

               M.S. Systems Management,

                    University of Southern California


               computer technology,

               aerospace systems,


               supply chain systems,



               Science fiction author


Dan Makaon is the author’s nom de plume

taken in part from the pen name Dardanio Makaon

used by his paternal grandfather, a poet from Italy.

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My Favorites 


Hard SF, Time Travel,

Superhuman, Apocalyptic.

Anything science fiction!


Isaac Asimov, H.G.Wells,

Arthur C. Clarke,

Robert A. Heinlein,

Ray Bradbury,

Michael Crichton,

Edgar Rice Burroughs 

Recent Reads:

The Lost World by Michael Crichton,

Bright  Messengers by Gentry Lee

     Dan was fascinated with science as a child. At age twelve, after reading The Boy Scientist by A.F. Collins, he learned to appreciate the underlying scientific facts within science fiction novels. He dismissed fantasy novels in favor of the science fiction genre and became a lifelong fan of all things science fiction. His first SF novel was A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain.

     Dan excelled in math and science in high school, earning the Pythagorean Key award for math and the Bausch and Lomb award for science. He lettered in fencing and track and was the valedictorian of his class. Having earned a B.S. in Science from the U.S. Air Force Academy, he spent six years in the Air Force in the Systems Command where he obtained firsthand knowledge of the weapon systems development and procurement process.

     While a commissioned officer in the Air Force, Dan earned his M.S. in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. Upon resigning his Air Force commission as a Captain, he was awarded the Commendation Medal for his innovative computer information systems achievements at Systems Command Headquarters, Andrews AFB, MD.

     Subsequent years were spent working in the specialty chemicals industry as an engineer, then manager in a number of supply chain management positions. Ultimately, he successfully operated his own supply chain management consulting business.

     Throughout his professional career, Dan’s passion for science fiction never wavered. Armed with a solid understanding of technology and scientific principles, and boyhood daydreams of imaginary worlds, he began weaving his own tale of mystery, time travel and apocalyptic fiction in his first novel titled Goodbye Milky Way.

     Dan is currently working on his second novel.